Shelter News - October 2015


Blessings from our beloved Shelter

   2 The_wholeOur Uma is one of their favorites.  6 ImI'm proud to be a streetdog.  
   3 They_sayThey say, I'll be fine.  5 YaFor drinking water only?  
   8 Dr Dr. Raja giving an injection.  7Priceless, eh?  

Lovely lady with her beloved homeless dog

There’s simply something moving about this set of photos.

This lovely being is 83 years old. She'd brought her Beloved in several days earlier to be spayed. She showed up at the shelter hobbling with a stick. Worried, she'd brought her some milk and snacks.

2A. EatEat, sweet girl.

2B. OhOh, my baby.

2C. I_loveI love you s-o-o-o much.

May all move towards compassionate understanding...Om Namah Shivaya.

Leslie Puppy-Ascent from the Hell Realms

This is an email written August 2013 to Margot in Australia. We had had Leslie Puppy for a month. And thought his scary journey was over…but…

Late night call from Shakti, the rickshaw driver (bless him). Found a little black puppy lying lifelessly in the gutter. I called Dr. Raja. Met them at the Shelter. Little guy was 1 1/2 months old. He was still alive, but in deep shock. Number of external wounds. None super-serious. Worst was a small throat wound that slightly crushed his trachea. He had been attacked by an adult dog. Main thing was the shock. He hovered between life and death for several hours.

Soft chants were playing thru the speaker. Dr. Raja had given him a steroid injection for the shock. And he was getting an i.v. with pain killer, anti-biotics, and vitamins. I was cuddling and kissing him. Chanting soft mantras into his ear. Whispering repeatedly “I love you”.  And telling him he was safe, with good people that were going to take care of him.

He made it thru... BUT… He had terror in his eyes that didn’t leave. Was afraid of everything. For several days we kept him in a basket under the clinic sink. It was quieter and he could hear chants playing. Still…He didn’t want anyone to come near him. He’d shrink even if you whispered gently. He huddled in the corner of the basket with his nose pointed towards the wall. If you gently took him out, he’d find some little corner where he could not be seen. 

Pure Heart Ramesh gave him special attention throughout the night. Dr. Raja was giving him Bach Flower Essences—one for known fear; another for unknown. He was giving him another floral essence from Sharon Callahan for Open to Receive. But Leslie remained locked in his Hell.

We put him into a small protected area with ten other young puppies. But he was terrified there too, and immediately stuffed himself in a corner. When other puppies approached to sniff or snuggle, he’d shrivel up. We were afraid that he was permanently traumatized. But slowly his eyes began to soften, and he started looking around. Not responding to the “puppy pile” that was cuddled all around him, but nonetheless looking around. THEN….a major breakthrough…he barked at a puppy to express his displeasure.

After some days he took a few halting trots around the pen…And…then…don’t know how much time it took…he wagged his tail…and playfully bumped against one of the other puppies.

He started responding a little to gentle Sekar. They all respond to Sekar with the “soft cow eyes”.

He ain’t going to be a John Wayne…But…Welcome back dear Leslie (someone named him Leslie)…We love you…Thank you, God.

With love,                                                                                                                                                       Leslie

Shortly after the above email was sent, Leslie started steadily sliding back into his realm of fear and aloneness. And there he stayed in the Hell Realms for over a year. 

(We don’t have any earlier photos, or at least I couldn’t find any, of Leslie the Pup…But we do have photos and videos over the following year as he was going thru his lonely journey.) 

We tried everything…Stroking. Hugging. Reassuring day and night. Special food. Treats. Bach Flower remedies. Furry companions. Nothing, but nothing worked. Within a month he retreated to a remote room where we house our autoclave. He stayed there for over a year.

In the first video I’m showing you the actual remoteness of the room. Starting from the veranda, and walking thru the pre-op area, and along the narrow corridor that runs alongside the operation theatre…Finally to the room (his cave).

Leslie showing the room.

   1A2 LesliePoor Leslie.  1A2A _LesliePoor baby, even alone in a crowd.  

For several months he was mostly there alone. We encouraged other furry ones to spend time with him (as you can see in the two photos), and increasingly others started resting there for spells. But he got no solace from them. He didn’t play with any. And he wouldn’t snuggle with them.

Supervisor Raja, Sekar, and Ramesh, all Pure Hearts, went back there regularly to give him love and reassurance and try to coax him out. But he wouldn’t come. The Staff was simply a threat to him.

Sometimes, late in the day, with no one coaxing him, he’d come out to the veranda for a few minutes. Then retreat back to his lonely cave.

A full year had passed when Ramana, a 16 year old young man from Canada, who was there when Leslie was first brought to us, came back to Tiru on his annual visit. He loved Leslie dearly and was actually the one who named him “Leslie”. He dedicated over a week to spending time with him. But Leslie stayed remote. This poor baby was simply locked in the Hell realms.

Then, wonder of wonders, several months after Ramana left, Leslie started responding to a dog named Satya. (The video, below, is of this angel.) Slowly at first. But then more enthusiastically. She was an absolute sweetheart. Young and pure expressive, energetic love. (She was very sexy, too…Hmm!). Sometimes he’d come out on the veranda with her. And then…He started playing with her!

Satya, sweetie pie.

Once he broke free of the terror, everything started happening fast.

After a month or two he started playing with other dogs. I don’t mean “tea party” playing. It was all out wrestling, knocking, nipping, pinning, standing on hind-leg tussling. It almost seemed as tho’ Leslie could go over the edge in the other direction and be an aggression problem. But no. He stayed within the limits of good clean, rough house fun.

Playing roughhouse.

Starting to venture out towards the veranda.

And you guessed it…He started going out on the veranda alone. 

Leslie on the veranda.

And NOW…He’s just one of the guys. Look at the way he's trotting around as though he own's the place.

It's his turf, now.

Oh dear, dear Leslie. We thought you’d never make it…And what did it take to get you out…A sexy, little playful girl with long eyelashes….Leslie, you old dog, we should have known.

Love. Love. Love...From All of Us...We are s-o-o-o happy...Om Namah Shivaya

Orphaned baby owl too weak to fly

She was only a couple of weeks old, and too weak to fly. Someone brought her to us.

3A. InnocenseInnocense!

Her photo just radiates innocence, vulnerability and helplessness. I was so moved how she trustingly surrendered to supervisor Raja’s stroking in the video. I mean…this giant man with a giant hand actually touching her.

Sweet, sweet girl.

Dr. Raja treated her with good food and injections to build up her strength. After a month she was strong enough to be released.

Bless you and protect you little one...Stay safe...Be happy...With love, Us.

Our beloved Jimmy written about in our last newsletter has passed away

Below, an email to Margot in Australia who was supporting dear Jimmy.                                                        Dear Margot,                                                                                                                                                            I just got a call from Vishwa that Jimmy had passed away around 9am.                                                              It was such a blessing that his last months were filled with contentment. He rested a lot, usually with some friends snuggled alongside. And whenever supervisor Raja called him for ice cream, he would make his way with his little tail wagging.                                                                                                                          The period before his passing was filled with peace. Last night Ramesh spent time with him, and he was very comfortable. This morning he was resting on the veranda when supervisor Raja called him for his ice cream. He made his way to the pre-op room, tail wagging. He waited while Raja went into the operation theatre to briefly tend one of the puppies. When Raja came out into the pre-op area to give our beloved Jimmy his ice cream, he had passed.                                                                                                                 Love,                                                                                                                                                           Leslie

Note: Jimmy was put on a Red Tara prayer list. Each morning, before dawn, an advanced group of Tibetan Buddhist practitioners do a puja and will send protective energy and guidance to help him on his way. Red Tara is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Compassion.

We love you, Jimmy...Will always remember the blessings you gave us...From your devoted caregivers.

Pandi in a well rescue.

This guy was trapped in the bottom of the well. We got a call from a resident of him howling for an entire day.

Unfortunately, we don't have a good video. Just the photos. But you can see it’s a long way down. After making his way to her, Pandi brought her up on the rope you see him climbing.

5A ThereThere he is.

5B. ItIt really is a long way down. 

   5C PandiPandi going down.  5C1. Starting Starting the preparations.  

Getting him ready for the journey.

Welcome back to the World...It must have been very scary...May you be protected and guided...May you have a blessed life...With love, Us

Leslie interviewed

This interview was done in 2013. I encountered Henri on the streets several times. We had brief exchanges. He was here doing a documentary on Ramana Ashram and Arunachala. Towards the end of his stay he showed up at the Shelter to graciously do a video interview that he posted on his site. It’s good. And we decided to include it, here.

The interview is almost 15 minutes long. So if you’re not into it…skip to the next…Hugs, Leslie.


Venkatesh’s son’s dog

He was a homeless dog that Venkatesh’s son was caring for. About 1 ½ years old. A car hit him and he had this awful break. One of Venkatesh’s workers brought him in. It was morning. And he was in a lot of pain.

1A. Poor Poor, poor baby.

Dr.Raja gave him a steroid injection for shock. And an i.v. with anti-biotics and a very strong painkiller that controlled the pain in a matter of minutes.

He did emergency surgery. There was only a five to ten percent chance of saving the leg. But our beloved Dr. Raja went for it. The operation lasted 2 ½ hours. The video below is post-op. Dr.Raja gently picks up his leg so you can see how he peiced the broken one together.

Post-op. Together again.

We named him Raghu. And he was on painkillers for a week. So he was reasonably comfortable. And he was already allowed to move freely the next day. Gentle Sekar looked after him during the day. Pureheart Ramesh at night. He didn’t like to mix with other dogs or puppies. I remember him preferring to go off alone—under tables, in corners, in the closet.

Venkatesh’s son who had been caring for him on the streets and seemed to love him would come to visit frequently. He wanted to take him in. But his father said no. So Raghu was abandoned and left to have his home inside the Shelter.

Thus his journey unfolds. He adjusted to the Shelter in a few days but was not overjoyed to be here. Remaining solitary for a week or more, surrendering slowly to Shelter life, it took him a while to begin warming up. The puppies helped. Snuggling him throughout the day.

Two weeks down the line it became clear that his leg had to be amputated. Another adjustment for Raghu. He descended into Shelter life in I don’t know how long…a week, maybe two or three after the amputation. He wasn’t a happy guy. But not sad, either. Just living his life.

After amputation. Moving around but not really a part of things.

In these next two videos you can see he's starting to connect with the other dogs.

Starting to connect.

Partially settled in.

Now, as you can see from these last two videos it’s changed. He’s one of the guys. AND happy.

New friends he's resting with.

Yes! Settled in.

Welcome dear Raghu...Life will be good...The guys (and gals) you play with are fond of you...Enjoy...May all beings benefit...Thank you, God...With love, From da’ Shelter guys.

Emergency call for homeless dog with a bone stuck in his throat

Pandi and Prem went out on the call. Reason I’m including it is that they were able to get the bone out on site.

11A. It It looks awful.

11B. And_ And feels worse.

You can see from the last two photos how anxious the furry one was to get away from them.

11C. ThankThank God it's over. 

11D. LetLet me out of here!!!.

Om Namah Shivaya...Enjoy freedom dear fellow...And may you be guided and protected on your journey.

This is a very moving story of the regeneration of a guy seriously hurt.

It’s an older story written a while back. Came across it working on the newsletter. No photos. But it’s a real Heart tale. And wanted to share it with you.

Jansy was six months old when she was hit by a vehicle. In the country. Think it was a two-wheeler. Poor baby really took a hit. In the head. She was unconscious when her owner brought her in. Dr. Raja didn’t think she was going to make it. She was in a coma for ten days. Clinging to life. Concussion. Potential nerve damage. Eyeball hanging out. Skull fracture.

In intensive care. We stroked her. Whispered to her. “Come sweet Jansy. Hang on. You’re with very good people. Waiting for you to come back.” Played chants. Got i.v.’s for nutrition. Spinal injection for controlling brain inflammation. Neurobion-vitamins to boost nervous system. Pain killers.

First signs that she might make it. Started moving her head a little. And then moving the body. Slowly. Slowly. She started coming back to us. Several more days and she turned on her stomach. A few more and she sat up. Then she started eating a little. She was comfortable with us and clearly felt safe. After 3 ½ weeks she started trying to stand. Then started taking her first steps after several more days. She was indrawn, but content. We let her walk around in isolation a week. Encouraging her. Stroking and kissing. Then she was ready for the veranda. Resting on one of the straw mattresses. A lot of puppies out there. A lot of snuggling. Warming up. She started responding. Forming some relationships. Walking around. Resting. Playing gently. Going off alone occasionally to just rest in repose…And now…She’s bounding around with the rest. Welcome back dear Jansy.

I’m in the “dispensary” (8 x 8 ft.) as I write. Dr. Raja is on my right working on treatment reports. Twenty pups curled up and just being close. It’s wall to wall pups in here. Jansy is amongst them. One of the furry inert bodies. It’s been several months. She doesn’t know it but she’ll be going home soon. Sweet, sweet Jansy. Be a good girl, Jansy. And be happy.

Note: Just read the story to Uma. She told me that when Jansy was released the owner didn’t pick her up, Vishwa took her home. When she realized where she was she went running around all over the place in sheer joy…and then went bounding up to her owner and jumped into his arms.

Om Namah Shivaya...We remember you dear Jansy...We hope you are well...We hope you are happy...And you blessed us with your presence.

Young puppy with broken back that will walk again.

He’s about two months old. Was paralyzed at the beginning. But he’s going to make it back…Love…Spinal injections…Massage…And more love.

The four videos show his “safe” convalescent spot between his puppy-friend and the sweet lab-mix adult who lets him snuggle.

In this first video, supervisor Raja is coaxing him to move his back legs.

Come, come little guy.

In this video he’s standing on all four with Raja still encouraging.

That's s-o-o good.

This one shows him nestled against his adult protector.

Me and my Protector.

And, now, he’s using his protector to stay propped up.

He's a real support for me.

You’re doing beautifully little guy. You’re going to make it all the way back. And have a very good life.

May all beings benefit...We’re so glad you made it to us...With love, "The Guys.”

He was run over by a train and lost two legs!!!

The only reason I’m showing you these wounds—I mean, they’re just ghastly—is because this guy stunningly “bounced back” within days of coming in. He is simply an energetic, happy creature, and will have a very good life with us.

He was an “owner dog”-- about a year old. And the owner brought him to us during the day. Dr. Raja wasn’t here at the time, and Dr.Bharati treated him. (Dr.Bharati’s post grad work, like Dr.Raja’s, is in surgery. But surgery wasn’t needed.) He cleaned the wounds. Gave him a strong painkiller injection which effectively masked the pain, a steroid injection for shock, and thru an i.v. drip—nutrition and anti-biotics.  

The first photo and video are before treatment. The second photo is post-treatment.

9A. Poor Poor, poor baby.

Oh Sweetie!!! 

9B. Resting Resting and sedated.And this second “mind-blowing” video was taken only five days later. He’s truly a happy guy. His resilience is stunning. It’s such a great lesson for us.

You just gotta carry on, guys!

The “owner” has dis-owned him. Fine---he’s better off with us. I’m writing this at the two week point and just called Dr.Raja to see if they can get a good video as he is right now. So if there’s another one, below, it’s hot off the press. Hope they can get it because he’s already got some friends.

Oh, sweetie pie…how thankful we are you’re so strong...It’s such a high teaching for us...We love you...We care...We pray...From, All of us.

This is our miscellaneous pup section

Many of the videos and photos speak for themselves.

This little one was hit by a two wheeler and lost her paw. Dr.Raja was able to mask the pain with a strong painkiller that she got right away. Clearly, she’s unhappy. He gave her, in addition, anti-biotics, and vitamins. Poor baby…But she’ll be fine and will probably be adopted. If not, she’ll have a good life with us.

I'm scared.

Do you really think I'll get better?

This little guy, too, was hit by a two wheeler. Two breaks. You can’t tell by the “troubled look”, but he’s doing fine and has a lot of puppy friends. He’ll recover completely.

7B3 They_said_Ill_be_okayThey said I'll be okay!

And yet, another healing break. Two wheeler again. They can be deadly. Some drivers just go too fast to avoid a hapless pup “doing his thing”.

7C _Two_more_weeks_yetTwo more weeks, yet!

Mani helping a little one eat.

Thanks, Mani.

And this guy had a broken back and was paralyzed…Love…Non-inflammatory injected into the spine…Massage…Vitamins…Chants…Real “caring”…And more love…He’s just started walking around—exploring, making friends, and getting reassuring affection as he wanders.

                                                             Walking is so much fun.

Here’s another little one that was paralyzed with a broken back…Two wheeler…He’s in the early stages of enjoying “walking”.

It's slippery!

Thanks for the company, guys.

Om Namah Shivaya, Little Ones...We’re all sending you protective energy...May you have blessed lives.


Shelter Statistics

as of 03/2022
Rescues 8,094
Dogs Sterilized 8,687
Anti-Rabies Injections 20,309
Clinic Visits 78,559
In-Patient Treatments 214,595
Non-Dogs Treated 9,058
Animal Adoptions 1,447