Our Devoted Staff

We have sixteen staff members, and a part-time cook. They've been very carefully selected and we are supremely fortunate to have them because they are all animal lovers, aware that theirs is simply not a regular job and that they are involved in lifting suffering.


They know that they should not go around simply "doing their job". That they're around creatures with whom they have relationships. Creatures that need and want their affection, caring, and love.

You can experience it right away when you walk in - our resident dogs are alive and playful. Our disabled dogs romp with all the others. They don't lament the fact they're disabled, but just live their lives and are happy.
There truly is spaciousness and joy at our shelter. And it unfolds from these special people and our two vets. In that regard, we would be remiss without saying something about Vishwa, our beloved Director of Operations.


He's young at 30 but beyond his years. He's been with us from the very beginning, since we started building. He's so deeply committed that it sends out waves of reassurance. He oversees the running of the entire Shelter. Personally doing most of the emergency rescues. Conceptualizing and running our adoption program, one of the most successful in the country which at this point has placed over 500 puppies in good homes. (And a smattering of other creatures: some horses, cows, donkeys, a turkey and some others.) Personally doing most of the catching and releasing for sterilization (at this point over 5000). Making sure, and it's vitally important, that it's done humanely, and that all the dogs are returned to their own territories. Keeping the staff going. Being aware of each of the animals in the shelter.

He's responsible for all the maintenance and building. Working day and night. Often coming in the middle of the night to make sure everything is okay. Working with our daytime people and exhorting them to be aware, to offer love, to care.

He briefs our nighttime caretakers about special cases and to make sure the puppies will be okay. He identifies the disabled dogs, those that might be having a difficult time emotionally. Making sure that the night staff is alert and ready to call us if anything potentially serious is happening. He regularly is out on the streets tracking down some dog who has been reported as suffering.

There was, on one occasion, a dog who had a horrible skin condition - no hair, bleeding, and skin wrinkled like an elephant . It was running loose. It took three days to catch him. The last day was at night. Vishwa chased him (on foot) for three hours. Exhausted, sweating profusely, and drenched (it was raining), he finally caught him. This dog was with us for two months, and has been released with a full coat. Healthy and so happy to be free again.
Vishwa is not just our Director of Operations, he is a pillar and a big part of the soul of the shelter. He was deeply involved in the construction. He fearlessly catches injured monkeys, ferocious dogs ... any animal in need. He'll be pleased and embarrassed when he reads this.

We sometimes joke about him being a Martian because an Earthling could not accomplish what he does.


longshot3Our sanctuary is located in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, S. India - Chengham Road opposite the Government Art College