Shelter News - October 2015


Our beloved Jimmy written about in our last newsletter has passed away

Below, an email to Margot in Australia who was supporting dear Jimmy.                                                        Dear Margot,                                                                                                                                                            I just got a call from Vishwa that Jimmy had passed away around 9am.                                                              It was such a blessing that his last months were filled with contentment. He rested a lot, usually with some friends snuggled alongside. And whenever supervisor Raja called him for ice cream, he would make his way with his little tail wagging.                                                                                                                          The period before his passing was filled with peace. Last night Ramesh spent time with him, and he was very comfortable. This morning he was resting on the veranda when supervisor Raja called him for his ice cream. He made his way to the pre-op room, tail wagging. He waited while Raja went into the operation theatre to briefly tend one of the puppies. When Raja came out into the pre-op area to give our beloved Jimmy his ice cream, he had passed.                                                                                                                 Love,                                                                                                                                                           Leslie

Note: Jimmy was put on a Red Tara prayer list. Each morning, before dawn, an advanced group of Tibetan Buddhist practitioners do a puja and will send protective energy and guidance to help him on his way. Red Tara is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Compassion.

We love you, Jimmy...Will always remember the blessings you gave us...From your devoted caregivers.

Shelter Statistics

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