Rescue of Ravi

RESCUE A 3Uma, our President/Trustee, called this in. This creature had been trapped in the well for 1 ½ days. And had been howling in his helplessness and increasing desperation.

Vishwa wasn’t available. So Doctor Raja, Pandi, and Kanagaraj went out on the call. The poor creature had given up by the time they got there, and was no longer howling.

Pandi and Kanagaraj descended on the rope you see hanging down the side. They never say anything. But I am always aware of the danger of them falling. And the possibility of getting killed or seriously hurt.

As you can see in the first video, they tied his mouth and legs for the journey up in the metal saucer. Dr.Raja had them stay behind. Right below him. Just in case he fell they’d have a good chance of catching him.

On the way up he seemed very surrendered. That is until, in the second video, Pandi untied his legs and was putting him down. Then all hell broke loose. If he’d gotten away they would have had to track him and run him down even if it took all day. Because he would have suffered deeply with a tied mouth.

That’s why we showed the last video. It’s really uneventful. Except it shows him going happily away with his MOUTH UNTIED.


Blessings. Blessings. Blessings. O’ dear Soul. May you have a full and joyful life.

Om Namah Shivaya!


The size of the tumour on this girl was stunning. She’s 10 to 12 years. Pretty old. Especially for a street dog. The growth is a mammary tumour. It probably took a year to get that large.

RAMANI 2 yes RAMANI 3 yes

She passed Leslie as he was walking on the main road. He did a double take. Took Pondi a day to get her. She was otherwise in pretty good health. We had her in cage 2 (17’x 12’) with several other dogs for a day or two. Then put her out on the veranda where she could move around. She wasn’t very social. Didn’t mix with the other dogs and wasn’t interested in attention from the Staff. (Leslie tells us it might be an “age thing”. He notices it in himself).

For four or five days after the operation she often looked at where the tumour had been. And occasionally licked it. She still tends to be solitary, but has become a little more social. Mixes some with the other dogs. And responds to attention from the Staff. Several puppies like to be close to her when she’s lying down…And she lets them.

After several more weeks of convalescence Vishwa will release her to her territory. We think that she is one of those that crave freedom and think she’ll be very, very happy.

Dear, dear Ramani. May you be protected and guided.

We are always here for you.

With love,
The Arunachala East End New York gang.                                                                                                                                                                              

Puppy with hip infection

This guy was a street puppy, about 1½ months old. He’d apparently been hit by a rickshaw and got a surface injury that became badly infected. Some loving person brought him to the clinic. Dr Raja treated the infection. We kept him in the Shelter for a month or two longer, bathed in love and caring. His spirit, body, and coat completely replenished. And Vishwa adopted him into a good home.

wound B--abefore wound B  after