Adoption Services

Through May 2013, we have placed 596 puppies/dogs and 12 cats/kittens in good homes. We have also relocated many monkeys and birds and found homes for cows, donkeys, and even a turkey. We will not place animals in homes unless we are assured the animal will be well taken care of and enjoy a happy life.

We send college students out up to 70 kilometers looking for prospective homes in villages and towns. They get a fixed amount for each puppy placed. Then Vishwa, Our Director of Operations, goes out to check the physical circumstances of the places found, and interviews the prospects. About forty to fifty percent turn out to be good. He tries to place two puppies in each home so they have each other to hang out with.


longshot3Our sanctuary is located in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, S. India - Chengham Road opposite the Government Art College