Our Founder

Leslie Robinson is a very young 76. He was a lover of animals before he began to walk, bringing dogs he found home to his mother - "Oh Leslie, not another one." He grew up loving dogs and says he will certainly die loving dogs.


He was educated at the University of Michigan - undergraduate and graduate work in business and actuarial mathematics. He joined the Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States as a young man. For a while was the Chief Actuary of the State of Michigan. Then had a consulting firm which rendered financial opinions to government.

He met his guru, Swami Muktananda Paramahamsa, in 1975 and left the business world when he was forty. He traveled with Swami Muktananda.and spent ten years in his ashrams in both the U.S. and India. For a period, he managed one of his main ashrams in the U.S.. He spent four years in the mountains in a small Tibetan Buddhist Gonpa of one of the elder Rinpoche's of Tibet. In total, Leslie has lived in India for eighteen years.

You can get to know Leslie a little better by watching several short interviews with him about the work he is doing in India ... on YouTube

longshot3Our sanctuary is located in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, S. India - Chengham Road opposite the Government Art College