Shelter News-March 2015


Neglected cow rescue from large, well-known temple

The two calves you see Vishwa hugging have been badly neglected and abused. Underfed. Living in filth. Scanty protection from the sun and rain. They’re only nine months old. These poor babes…The condition of the cow, too. Only three years old, tells a sad story. Vishwa is holding her tail up so that you can see the raw infection in the genital area.

1B. 9_month_old__calf_1_at_Ghoshala_before_rescue 1C. _9_month_old__calf_2_at_Ghoshala_before_rescue 1A

                                                               --------------------- The Poor Innocents --------------------

We took them out of their circumstances because they were so weak and close to death. The photo you see of them resting on straw in a clean environment was taken at the Shelter after rescue. These poor creatures could barely walk. They were so weak, Vishwa had to have them carried into the truck when he transported them.

1DFinally comfortableThey ate voraciously when they got to the Shelter. Dr. Raja also, through i.v.’s , gave them general nutrition, vitamins, anti-biotics and pain killers. A cow expert called in agreed with the treatment regimen. Vishwa was able to make them comfortable. They were given love and stroked during the day and throughout the night. Veera, who really knows cows, slept with them. We were unable to save them. All three died over the next three days. But those final days were good for them. All three were put on a Red Tara prayer list. It’s done before dawn for 49 days by an advanced group of Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. Red Tara is the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess of Compassion.

Post mortems performed (for evidence to be used in court) indicated that all three had died of starvation.

This incident led to a three month struggle in the High Court.

These three creatures were part of a much larger scene of neglect. We are including this story in the newsletter because it is so significant.

Please...Read the "Continue Reading" portion by clicking on the green button...It's saddening that something like this could happen...But it finally, after a hard fight, was stopped. And they will at last be cared for.


They were in a temple goshala (place where cows are kept and cared for) that was not open to the public. So people, generally, were not aware of the neglect. The temple itself was massive and well known. 1200 years old. And known to be fantastically wealthy. So money was not an issue.

We were alerted by a well known animal activist. We went in early morning, unannounced. It truly was shocking. The animals, young and old, were severely malnourished. A number bordering on starvation. Several died in the short eleven days we were involved. There was little protection from the rain. And it was filthy.

Vishwa spoke to the main caretaker who told him:

  • There were 69 cows and 24 calves, totaling 93.
  • He only had one assistant, and the two of them were the only caretakers
  • They were given two feedings a day that included some hay, but no green grass. (Dr.Raja said the total amount of food was only enough to support 15 to 20 adult cows).

Two days later we went in. A number had been given away through a “woman’s welfare organization”. The total had decreased to 73. The number of caretakers had increased to 5. The food had been substantially increased. The cows’ stomachs appeared full.

Eleven days later we went in to check the progress and state of things.

  • The number had further decreased to 36 cows and 17 calves, totaling 53.
  • There was a month’s supply of dry grass(hay).
  • A steady supply of green grass had been established.
  • Food per cow had increased five-fold. (Literally 500%).
  • There were 7 caretakers, or one for every 8 cows/calves compared to the original 2 caretakers, or one for every 46 cows/calves.

All the goshalas in the State are overseen by a government department that did not want any “outside” monitoring. A petition was filed in the High Court by a well known animal activist. The case was won. A team of three people (one, a fierce animal activist) was appointed to inspect all the temple goshalas in the State and make recommendations to the Court.

It’s almost beyond comprehension how something like this could happen.

Om Namah Shivaya

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