Shelter News - February 2017


An “owner dog” that got a big slash wound

He’s eight years old. The owner didn’t know how it happened. But it looks like a knife wound, as tho’ someone slashed him.

10A. Its a big woundl Its a big wound.

Dr. Raja did a ½ hour operation under full anesthesia. The video where he’s working on him is before the operation. When I saw it, I asked Dr.Raja why he hadn’t used a local anesthetic. He had. The guy was sedated and had a local, but some pain clearly got thru while the wound was being cleaned.


Well, he was stitched up by our beloved Dr. Raja, and released to his owner to continue his life with a man that really cared.

Six stitches. 

Final touch.

Blessings, dear guy... May you be protected and guided... May your journey be filled with Grace.

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